[BOBSNU] Yakkongmo Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo Set(Shampoo 1+ Treatment 1+ hair serum tonic 1)

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Product Information

Premium Hair Treatment


Natural and Eco-Friendly solution created for your hair

Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo 400ml & Treatment 200ml & hair serum tonic 60ml


BOBSNU is a tech-holding company owned by Seoul National University of Korea.

Based on scientiic lab results stubided by the Food-Medicine Genomics Laboratory, BOBSNU develops healthy food products and cosmetics by establishing plant-based Phytocenticals materials.

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Product Info

1.BOBSNU Yakkongmo Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo 400ml
-Effect of reducing hair loss by 21% (clinically tested)

-Micro foam made of plant-derived surfactants derived from coconut and olive oil provides a clean scalp environment by deeply cleansing the scalp.

-No harmful ingredients that irritate scalp: sulfate free, parabens free, silicon free, mineral oils free, animal-derived ingredients free, synthetic colorant free, synthetic fragrance free

-8 patented compounds with a hair growth promotion effect (clinically tested)

-3 substances that apply SNU's patented technology: elm bark, cysteine, methionine

2.BOBSNU Yakkongmo hair serum tonic 60ml

-Effect of hair loss prevention

-Zero harmful ingredients that irritate the scalp

-Contains natural core ingredients processed through patented technology that help the condition of the scalp

-Black Medi Therapy

-Proven clinical effects of hair loss prevention

3 BOBSNU Yakkongmo Treatment 200ml

-Functional treatment made with plant-derived ingredients

-Premium treatment containing 17 natural ingredients, but free of 17 harmful ingredients

-Uses the same essential fragrance oil used by high quality brands such as Aveda and L‘Occitane

-ZERO uncomfortable residue after using treatment!

-Uses patented technology developed by Korea's most prestigious university, Seoul National University

A Healthir & Eco-Friendly Option for your Lifestyle

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