Cell Skin Clean Pine Gel

$1.00 $5.99

Cell Skin Clean Pine Gel 1 Box (20 packs) 

  • Made in Korea
  • Each box has 20 packs (Each pack 1.2g)
  • Contains 70% alcohol
  • Contains anti-bacterial ingredients (cypress leaves extract, tea tree oil, citronella oil) and colling effects (Centella extract and lemon extract)
  • Non-sticky and refreshing gel type
  • Sanitary and disposable pouch type package
  • Always clean and hygiene for everybody, anywhere and anytime, without water and soup.


How to use

1. Rip open the pouch and take out the hand cleaner gel

2. Rub the palm, back of the hand, between fingers and underneath the fingernails.

3. Dry off while rubbing the gel. 

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