[CARE ON] Basic Yellow Dust Prevention Mask (KF94)


케어 온 베이직 옐로우 먼지 방어 KF94 마스크

  • Disposable Face Mask (White, Large)
  • Korean Premium Melt Blown Filter 
  • Aqua-Trans Technique
  • Tri-folding Stereoscopic Design 
  • Adjustable Nose Bar
  • Made in Korea
  • Materials: Non-woven fabric(polypropylene: outer fabric, lining, filter), felt (composite fiber of polyethylene and polypropylene: inner fabric, lining, filter) 

Aqua-Trans Technique?

With high moisturizing transferability technique, it absorbs moisture quickly, boasting a fresh fit even if worn for a long time. 



- Please do not use with a towel, tissue, or other conditions that prevent a good seal and reduce mask effectiveness.

- Please do not alter, wash, abuse, misuse, and reuse it. 

- Please do not sterilize it. The performance of the mask may degrade due to sterilization. 

- Please dispose of the mask after the time use limits have expired. 

- Make sure the mask is not crushed or squeezed by an outside force. 

- After use, this mask will contain harmful substances from the environment. 

* For anyone such as pregnant women, respiratory and cardiovascular disease patients, children, and the elderly, who feels uncomfortable with breathing due to eating the mask, please stop using it and consult a doctor or other experts. 


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