LOCK N LOCK BISFREE MODULAR 10PCS SET (New) _ 락앤락 비스프리 모듈러 ( 실속형 10종 세트 )

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락앤락 비스프리 모듈러

1 set included:

  • 260ml Rectangular(136*96*50mm) x 3pcs

  • 260ml Square (100*100*64mm) x 2pcs

  • 450ml  Rectangular (136*96*75mm) x 2pcs

  • 600ml Square (136*136*67mm) x 1pcs

  • 910ml Rectangular (190*136*67mm) x 1pcs

  • 1.5L Rectangular   (190*136*100mm) x 1pcs


  • 가볍고, 투명한 트라이탄 소재 (아기 젖병소재)
  • 냉장, 냉동, 전자레인지 사용 가능 (고주파 테스트 완료)
  • 특허받은 4면 결착 밀폐 (밀폐테스트 완료)
  • 모듈 적층 시스템으로 편리한 쌓기 / 소분 보관 용이
  • 바닥 웨이브 쉐입으로 냉장, 냉동실 보관 편리


Please check the following for safe use of the product.

  • Do not use for anything other than basic use.
  • Do not give strong impact.
  • Do not put next to fire.
  • Do not wipe with brush or abrasive powder
  • When using the wrap on the body for a long time or in a microwave oven, it may stick and do not fall off.
  • Be careful that containers may be scratched if they are stored in layers.

Precautions for use in microwave and freezer

  • Do not heat empty containers in a microwave.
  • When using a microwave oven, open the lid and use it only for heating (recommended within 2 minutes, not for cooking)
  • Please note that the container may be deformed or colored when heating oily foods such as curry, stew, sauce, etc.
  • When heating food with little moisture in the microwave, set the time short.
  • When used after long-term storage in the freezer, the blades may be damaged due to a sudden temperature difference. Open the lid after 1-2 minutes for longer use.
  • Storing carbonated beverages or fermented foods at room temperature for a long period of time may decrease the sealing power.
  • Made in Vietnam

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