Erom +Kids 10 (이롬 키즈10) 30 pouches

천연복합물 성장인자가 성장판을 자극하고 뼈 길이의 성장을 촉진시켜 키를 크게 하는 이롬 키즈10. (Erom Kids 10)
키를 자라게 함과 동시에 뇌 신경세포를 보호하고 기억력, 집중력을 강화시켜 줍니다.
키즈텐을 먹으면 밥도 잘 먹어요~
이롬 키즈 성장프로그램으로 아이들의 키를 10cm 더 키워주세요!
Reach the full potential of your child’s height with our Erom Kids 10!
Help Kids Grow & Get Smarter.
The secret to supporting height and brain function lies in Erom’s patented natural formula.
Support your growth and brain function at the same time.
Yeast Extract (SR103) was extracted from Brewer’s Yeast and it is 100% water-soluble. It supports the proliferation of osteoblasts, which helps increases the growth of the bone and promotes the growth. Erom has 3 patents (Korea 10-0856799, International PCT / KR2007 / 005919, China 200780101834.X). Daily intake for Yeast Extract is 500~1000mg. 1 packet of Erom Kids 10 is 500mg of Yeast Extract.
BQ150 protects neurons by removing glutamate and has positive effects in memorization, concentration, and maximizes the capacity to learn.
EGF1010 promotes & stimulates osteoblast to expedite bone formation.

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