[Fermier Papa] Moisturizing Lotion For Baby & Sensitive Skin


Fermier PaPa believes that ingredients that are safe for children must be the only ones used. Fermier PaPa products are made through the generous use of moringa grown on our own with all the sincerity of a father's heart.

Main Ingredient: What is Moringa?

Moringa, the cleanest and safest ingredient in the world, is grown in the clean plains of South Korea. It is a clean and safe ingredient that helps form and strengthen skin barrier protective films and systems that supply moisture and nutrients to a child's skin

Fermier PaPa has thoroughly excluded the use of harmful ingredients and animal testing ingredients and uses only naturally-derived EWG green grade ingredients

We ensure that all of the products we make are safe and reliable, and always disclose all of the ingredients used in our products. We make products that children can use with confidence

The tremendous hope of Fermier Papa is that the honest and heartfelt gift of "Farmer Papa" will be a present to all the children in the world

*If you are allergic to certain ingredients, it is recommended to check all ingredients before use


  • SAFE INGREDIENTS : Fermier Papa's baby moisturizing lotion only uses all natural ingredients that are safe for babies to use. We have carefully selected the ingredients. The baby body lotion contains safe moringa grown by Farmer Papa. The baby face lotion includes 45.4% of Moringa leaf extract. In addition, we include shea butter, sunflower seed, sweet almond, chamomile flower and rice bran as natural ingredients in the toddler lotion.
  • MOISTURIZING EFFECT : The all natural kids lotion creates instant moisturizing effect for babies. Moringa forms a protective layer on the skin and regulates oil-water balance. Shea butter is rich in vitamins and minerals and sweet almond is effective for skin hydration due to its high protein content. Sunflower seed prevents moisture evaporation and rice bran cleanses skin texture. Chamomile flower relieves rough skin.
  • NO SKIN IRRITATION : The baby moisturizer has obtained the highest grade "Excellent" for the German Derma Test. This test is for sensitive skin test for infants and toddlers and Fermier Papa's baby body lotion has been approved as suitable and excellent for all skin types of babies. In addition, based on the KFDA standard, the product was judged as hypoallergenic or no irritation by the Global Medical Research Center at the Skin Clinical Trial Center.
  • FOR BOTH BABIES AND ADULTS : Fermier Papa's all natural moisturizing lotion is suitable for all skin types for all ages. Our product only uses all natural ingredients that toddlers can use without any skin irritation. This means that adults can use this organic baby lotion as well as it is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. Parents can use the baby moisturizer with their children with no skin irritation. Adults with very sensitive skin can use this moisturizer for a stronger skin barrier.
  • HOW TO USE : After washing your face or taking a shower, remove moisture and apply a small amount of the baby lotion organic on your hand. Apply the moisturizing lotion on your face or body as if you are massaging your face or body. In the case of a newborn baby, you can keep the skin moist by moisturizing with our product with baby massage at least 3 times a day.

세상에서 가장 안전한 원료, 아빠가 직접 재배한 원료를 사용한 #안전 #좋은성분 #페르미어파파

더욱 업그레이드 된 수분과 영양공급으로 피부를 촉촉하고 부들부들하게! 모링가 보습으로 수분 보호막 형성! 페르미어 파파 모이스처라이징 로션

  • 농부아빠가 직접 재배하여 안전한 신비의 나무 모링가 78.95% 함유 (모링가 추출물 49.5%, 모링가수 29.45%)
  • 생산단가 절감을 위해 사용하는 정제수 0%
  • 세계적인 피부전문 과학연구소 독일 더마테스트 영유아, 민감성 피부 센서티브 스킨 테스트에서 최고등급 "EXCELLENT" 획득.
  • KFDA 기준규격 피부 임상시험센터 글로벌 의학연구센터 피부 자극 테스트 완료 저자극(무자극) 판정.
  • 유해성분은 철저히 배제한 EWG 그린등급의 자연 유래 성분만 사용.
  • 부드럽고 흡수력 좋은 텍스쳐로 피부 속까지 빈틈없는 수분공급!

페르미어 파파만의 피부장벽 보호 시스템 : 농부아빠가 직접 재배한 모링가의 천연 보습인자가 피부 보호막을 형성하여, 밸런스가 무너진 피부에 피부장벽 강화를 돕고, 수분과 영양소를 공급합니다. 끈적거리지 않고, 피부 속부터 채워주는 페르미어 파파 모이스처라이징 로션으로 건강해진 피부장벽은 각종 피부자극과 외부 세균으로부터 피부를 보호해 줍니다.

***세안이나 샤워 후 물기를 제거한 뒤, 소량을 취해 마사지 하듯 수시로 발라주세요. 신생아의 경우, 하루 3번 이상 베이비마사지를 하며 보습 해 주시면 촉촉한 피부를 유지할 수 있습니다.

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