GLOSSYBLOSSOM Gel Nail Stickers Set

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GLOSSYBLOSSOM Gel Nail Stickers Set

As much as we value your beauty, we value your money and time.  We created GLOSSYBLOSSOM to offer you salon-grade gel nail products available in home-kits.  We believe expressing yourself with beautiful nails should be easy and fun.

Since 2007, GLOSSYBLOSSOM has been committed to providing high-quality products and has the original patented technology of gel nail stickers on the market.   After years of dedication, we could finally make products have a clear color expression, environmentally friendly, and harmless to human beings.

All products are made in our own factory.  GLOSSYBLOSSOM is always focusing on collaborating with professional nail artists to offer our customers access to various designs and seasonal products


What's included:


1 x Rose Aura

1 x Mermaid Tears

1 x Crystal Prism

1 x Seranaid of Fascination

1 x Peach Sherbet

1 x Imperial Blue

1 x Noble Black

1 x Persona Scarlet

1 x Rising Light

1 x Magic Quartz

1 x 오렌지 쿠션 샌딩 버퍼 (220/280)

1 x 매직 샤인 버퍼

1 x 프리미엄 제브라 파일(150/150)



You will also get a free pedicure set with your purchase!

Black Swan, Rosemary, Lucid Fall, Blood Ruby (You will receive random colors)

Take this opportunity to enjoy our collection at a fraction of the cost. 




  1. Before applying the strips, wash your hands, clean your nails with isopropyl alcohol and remove any excess oils from the nail surface.  
  2. Before removing the sticker from the film, place it on top of your nails and find the size that fits your nail. (Approximately 10% smaller than your nails)
  3. Remove sticker from the film.  Place it on your nails starting from your cuticle line.  Make sure you leave a little space between the cuticle line and the gel sticker.  Do not place the stickers on your cuticles.
  4. Firmly apply pressure through the entire sticker to remove air bubbles between the sticker and your nails.
  5. Fold the sticker along the edge of your nails starting from the middle, then fold the edges. DO NOT pull on the sticker or stretch it.  This will cause the sticker to lift.  
  6. Using our Zebra file, file the excess on a downward motion in one direction.  
  7. Avoid washing your hands after applying the stickers.  We recommend you applying our gel nail stickers before going to bed.

For best results, you may apply base coat prior to applying the stickers.  You can also apply top coat or get top coat on top of the gel strips.

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