[Heimish] Marine Care Eye Cream 30ml

Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream 30ml
헤이미쉬  마린 케어 아이 크림
  • Total eye care cream for elasticity, wrinkle, hydration, and whitening.
  • Power of pure marine, healing energy
  • Delivering effectiveness of seagrass in pristine areas fully.
  • 51% of miracle marine water
  • Boosting skin cleaning effect and protect skin from external harmful factors, keep your skin healthy.

How to use

1. Before applying cream in the morning and night, apply the product evenly on the face, and gently pat it to be absorbed into the skin.
2. Use an eye massager to care for eye skin softly.
(Not only use for eye skin, but it also can be used for whole face care.
1. 아침, 저녁 크림 전 단계에서 적당량을 취해 눈가에 가볍게 두드리면서 부드럽게 펴 발라 주세요.
2. 아이 마사저를 이용하면 더욱 부드럽습니다.
( 눈가 뿐 아니라 얼굴 전체 사용도 가능합니다. )

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