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김대감 스틱형 김자반

뿌려먹는 김가루가 스틱형으로 간편하게!

남녀노소 누구나 좋아하고 맛있지만 먹기 불편했던 김자반,

이제 한끼에 한포로 간편하게 뿌려드세요!

  • 믿을 수 있는 HACCP 인증
  • 초간단 반찬/간식
  • 다양한 레시피에 활용 되며 밍밍한 맛은 다운, 감칠맛은 업!
  • 무방부제 무색소 무향료, 건강하지 않은 재료는 넣지 않습니다.
  • 김대감 스틱자반 1팩에는 7개의 스틱자반이 들어있습니다.


Kim Dae Gam Stick-type Seaweed Sprinkles

Sprinkle seaweed flakes transformed as a sticks-type packaging for make it easy to eat!

Korean Seaweed, which everyone of all ages likes, is delicious but uncomfortable to eat. However, Kim dae gam's seaweed stick will let you can easily sprinkle it over the rice or other dishes. A single stick is enough for serving one meal.

Trusted HACCP authentication.
-Perfect for a side dish or snack.
-It can be utilized with various recipes, and upgrade the savory taste!
-No preservative, No artificial color, No artificial flavor. (Never included unhealthy ingredients)
-1 Kim Daegam Seasweed Stick Pack contains 7 Sticks of seaweed sprinkles.

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