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Kim Jeong Moon Aloe Cure Set

김정문 알로에 큐어 기초 세트


1 x KIM JEONG MOON Aloe Vera Cure  Hydra Soothing Toner 130ml

1 x KIM JEONG MOON Aloe Vera Cure  Hydra Soothing Emulsion 130 ml

1 x KIM JEONG MOON Aloe Vera Cure  Essential Cream 50 ml

1 x KIM JEONG MOON Aloe Vera Cure Intensive 2x Cream 50 g


The legendary multi-purpose moisturizing cream has been loved for the last 30 years.
- Core materials were upgraded 200%.
- Helps to hold moisture for 100 hrs!
- Helps to enhance skin barrier!

The dryness the unwelcome guest which comes when the weather gets cold!
Apply it only on dry skin!
Solve all the skin problems with aloe!

Melting balm type which is melted by body temperature softly!
Feel the deep moisturizing effect of the cream.


30년간 사랑받아온 전설의 만능 크림!

-핵심성분 200 % 업그레이드.

-100 시간 동안 수분 유지에 도움!

-피부 장벽 강화에 도움!


날씨가 추워지면 오는 반갑지 않은 손님, 건조함!

건조한 피부에만 발라주세요!

알로에로 모든 피부 트러블을 해결하세요!


체온에 부드럽게 녹는 멜 팅밤 타입!

크림의 깊은 보습 효과를 느껴보세요.

● Kim Jeong Moon Aloe Cure Plus Intensive Cream Set provides a calming and moist feeling to the skin.
● Intense moisturizing with organic aloe.
● Keeps ideal balance for moisture.
● Anti wrinkles and skin brightening.
● Forms a barrier to protect skin from external stimulation.
● Absorbed smoothly without leaving an oily or sticky feeling.
● Refreshing scent.



  • When using cosmetics or if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling or itching due to direct sunlight after use, refrain from use with a specialist.
  • Do not use on wounded areas
  • Precautions for storage and handling A) Keep out of reach of children B) Store away from direct sunlight

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