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MIPPDA Korean Face Mask is KF94 certified to protect you from dust and contaminants in the air. Excellent breathability and extra comfort. Multilayer Advanced Filtration system. Foldable 3D Structure. Perfect Fit With Nose Wire.

How to Wear

1. Place the mask over the nose and mouth while securing it under the chin.

2. Loop the straps around the ears.

3. Adjust for breathable and comfortable fit.

Made in Korea.

  • Excellent Breathability - Extra comfort while wearing the mask allows for long time single use throughout the day without discomfort.
  • Multi-Layer Advanced Filtration - Multiple quality layers filters dust and contaminants to provide clean air for breathing. KF94 level protection.
  • Foldable 3D Structure - Foldable mask structure allows for a perfect fit on any face shape.
  • Nose Wire Perfect Fit - Nose wire allows for a perfect seal around the nose preventing the mask from shifting during use and keeping a tight seal.
  • Made in Korea

각종 유해물질을 차단해주는 "미쁘다" KF94 미세먼지 방역마스크 

#코로나 #감염예방 #밀착력 #식약처허가 #통풍성 #개별포장 #위생적

  • 3D 입체구조/ 3단 접이식 : 마스크가 입술에 닿지 않아 숨쉬기에 더욱 편리한 구조.
  • 식약처에서 정식인증 받은 국내 제조 마스크. 
  • 우수한 통기성 - 편안한 호흡
  • MB필터 포함한 다중 구조 필터로 비말/황사 완벽 차단
  • 뛰어난 코 지지대로 마스크를 안정감있게 코와 입, 턱까지 뛰어나게 밀착시켜줍니다.
  • 개별 포장되어있어 차량, 가방등 휴대가 용이하며 더욱 위생적으로 소지/사용하실수 있습니다.

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