[PLU] Body Scrub Prestige Therapy Edition

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PLU Body Scrub Prestige Therapy Edition

플루 바디스크럽 프레스티지 테라피 에디션


- 플루 테라피 에디션 바디스크럽 180g*7개, 50g*2개

- 플루 허니 멀티밤 70ml*1개

- 플루 허니 슈가 페이셜 스크럽 70g*1개  

Point 1. Using 7 kinds of flower water. Using flower water instead of purified water improves skin moisturizing effect!
Point 2. Moisturizing and enhancing radiance with 8 types of oils
Point 3. (Temporary) Double the elasticity/nutrition care ingredients! Elastic skin care with collagen and spirulina extract

How to use
  • After writing enough water on the area to be used, apply an appropriate amount of Flu Body Scrub to the body.
  • It helps to manage the skin texture along with bubbles by gently rubbing it like a gentle massage.
  • After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


-Please adjust the amount and frequency of use according to the skin condition.
-When used with a shower ball or body brush, richer foam is formed.
- It is suitable to use 1-2 times a week.

Expiration Date

- 플루 테라피 에디션 바디스크럽 (180g) : 2023/07/05

- 플루 테라피 에디션 바디스크럽 (50g) : 2023/06/30

- 플루 허니 멀티밤 70ml : 2024/01/26

- 플루 허니 슈가 페이셜 스크럽 70g : 2024/03/11 

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