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렌지메이트 스테이크 싱글 팬

 258mm x 115mm / 530ml
  • GRILL USING YOUR MICROWAVE: Range Mate Steak(single) Pan is the ONLY microwave grill & cookware that can grill, bake, steam, roast, poach & make one-pot meals providing delicious cooking results. Convert your microwave into a turbo-charged ultra-fast & ultra-tasty grilling machine!
  • ONLY AUTHENTIC MICROWAVE GRILL: Range Mate Steak(single) Pan has breakthrough-patented Thermoplate TM technology that converts your microwave into a true GRILLING & COOKING appliance. This is the only authentic microwave grill on the market.
  • AMAZING GRILLED, OVEN, & STOVE RESULTS: Grill marks & crispness + perfect & consistent grilling every time! Each cookware set comes with 35+ easy & delicious recipes to get you started.
  • SIMPLE, EASY, HEALTHY, & FAST: All you have to do is set your microwave time. The only cleanup is the very easy to clean nonstick pan. Healthier grilling – minimal to NO OIL required. Faster meal prep – dinner can be ready in 15 minutes or less!
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Grill a charred steak, plump & griller juicy chicken breasts, seafood & vegetables with minimal oil in minutes, bake a moist cake, poach eggs, steam healthy vegetables, & make a savory one-pot meal. 


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