Lock N Lock Salon IH Premium Sauce Pan


Lock N Lock Salon IH Premium Sauce Pan

락앤락 살롱 IH 프리미엄 소스 팬

Size: 18cm, 2QT (7.08 inch / 180x95mm)

01. Gravity Casting

Unlike the die casting manufacturing process, It is a very precise manual process of a master craftsman, Pouring high purity materials into a mold manually and slowly cooling and forming. It is a premium hand-made product where only small quantities can be manufactured per day.

02. Even-Heat Conduction Rate

Only high purity aluminum is used, Increasing the heat conduction rate. Gravity dies casting enables a more stable structure that results in even and equal heat distribution, Which makes food evenly cooked and full of rich flavors.

03. Platinum Plus Triple Coating

The finest platinum plus triple coating and alumina ceramic protection film formed by hard anodizing process gives not just strong coating but a long-lasting coating that does not peel off easily, Allowing consumers to safely use it for a long time.

04. Red Dot Design Award

Classic quilt pattern, Awarded for 2014 product design at the world’s renowned red dot design award adds dignity to your kitchen.

05. IH Cookware

With patented IH technology, It can be easily used with all cooking utensils including gas stove, Electric range, and induction.


Body, Handle, Lid (Pot) - Aluminum

Bottom - Stainless Steel(IH)

Lid Handle(Pot) - Bakelite, Stainless Stell

Coating - Hard-Ar Non-Stick Coating

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