Ssanghwa-cha + Nuts Garnish + Ssanghwa-cha Jelly Set


In South Korea, there is a city known as Jeongeup in North Jeolla Province. There is a street known as "Jeongeup Ssanghwacha Street", where traditional tea houses selling Ssanghwacha are located. The tea house "Jayeonirae" owned by Se-myung Kim uses the traditional way of cooking tea with only carefully selected natural ingredients.

The teahouse does not serve their tea for take-out or delivery despite numerous requests from customers. Eventually, he invented Jayeonirae's patent manufacturing method to preserve the taste and nutrition of the tea. Now you can enjoy the oriental healthy herb tea at home conveniently.

"Jayeonirae" Ssanghwacha was made by extracting twenty-three healthy natural herbs using traditional Korean methods.

Ssanghwacha is good for people who are fatigued from their daily busy lives, our beloved parents who feel lethargic, and students who are tired from studying. Ssanghwacha is for people of all ages. It is the best Korean traditional tea for fatigue recovery.

Ssanghwacha, the Korean traditional tea was recorded in the "Dongui Bogam", a book that contains explanations of Korean medicines that were used during the Joseon Dynasty period. It has been enjoyed by Koreans for years for the promotion of health and reinforcement of physical strength. It is difficult to make at home as it requires various kinds of herbs and time to create. However, Jayeonirae Ssanghwacha will let you enjoy the Original Ssanghwacha from Jeongeup at home easily.

  • Contains: Ssanghwacha Pouch  (x10) + Garnish Pouch (x5): One pack of Garnish serves 2 Ssanghwacha + Ssanghwa-cha Jelly Pack
  • It extracts nutrients through the traditional way of cooking from twenty-three healthy natural herbs.
  • Enjoy your Korean healthy traditional Ssanghwacha in anytime, anywhere.
  • When you feel cold, it helps to warm up your body and helps you feel more energized.
  • Serve with carefully cooked sweet nuts garnish with the tea as the tea is very bitter.

환절기 특효약!  23가지 전통  원료를 정성껏 달여만든 정읍 "자연이래" 쌍화차. 자연이래 쌍화차는 다른첨가물 일체를 넣지 않고 정읍 숙지황을 비롯한 엄선된 천연 재료만을 자연이래만의 노하우로 정성스럽게 달여 만들었습니다. 자연이래의 쌍화차는 제대로 만든 구중 구포 정읍 숙지황을 사용합니다. 정읍은 쌍화차의 주 재료인 숙지황의 주산지 입니다. 정읍은 토종 지황을 재배하여 전통적인 방법에 따라 숙지황을 만들고 있습니다. 구중 구포란? 원재료인 지황을 쌀로 만든술에 아홉번 담갔다가 아홉번 찌고 말려서 만든 재료라는 뜻입니다. 이렇게 구중구포한 지황을 구지황이라고 부르는데 구중구포 숙지황은 정성이 가득담긴 쌍화차의 주 재료입니다.

"자연이래"는 정읍에 위치한 정읍 여행의 필수 코스 "쌍화차 거리"에 위치한 전통 찻집입니다. 정읍까지 가지 않아도 제대로 만든 정읍의 쌍화차를 맛과 영양 그대로 간편하게 드실수 있게 제조하였습니다. 

밤, 대추, 잣, 해바라기씨, 호박씨, 은행을 설탕에 달달하게 졸여낸 쌍화차의 쓴맛을 중화시켜줄 맛있는 견과류 고명 팩 5봉을 함께 드립니다! 

구성품: 쌍화차 10봉 + 고명 5봉 + 쌍화차 젤리 1팩

이렇게 드세요:

1.끓는물에 팩째 넣어 5분정도 데워서 컵에 따라 드세요.

2.컵에 따라서 전자렌지에 1분정도 데워서 드세요. (포장채 전자렌지에 넣으시면 절대 안됩니다.)

3.파우치 포장 그대로 가지고 다니시다가 차갑게 드셔도 좋습니다.

*잣, 대추, 밤, 은행과 같은 재료를 넣어드시면 더욱 맛이 좋습니다.

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