Zaigle Handsome Grill (Black) EL00028R/B

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Zaigle Handsome Grill 

자이글 핸섬 그릴


Characteristics of Zaigle that uses a patent-achieved infrared light

1. A revolutionary patent-registered product that uses advanced technology

2. Does not produce any fat spat, smells, burnings, and smoke

3. Promotes a better taste of the ingredients, prevents evaporation of juice

Unlike other cooking tools that cook meat by preheating the roaster, Zaigle uses infrared light as its cooking source cooking food from the inside out. It prevents the meat juice from evaporating and makes the meat softer and tastier. The roaster also prevents fat spats. And the anion from infrared light gets rid of smells and smoke as well as active oxygen, preventing the production of carcinogens. Also, the bottom part of the roaster gives off radiant heat and theats the bottom part of the food while preventing the food from burning. Zaigle is a product that uses highly efficient energy.



  • EXCELLENT TASTE OF MEAT COOKED USING LIGHT: By cooking food using light, Zaigle minimizes the loss of nutritions and prevents meat juice from evaporating, providing the best roasted food.
  • SAFE AND CLEAN COOKING: By cooking food using infrared light, Zaigle is safe to use indoors and outdoors. It does not generate the smell of food cooking or smoke. It also does not generate toxic materials or carcinogens.
  • ECONOMIC PRODUCT: Zaigle uses electricity allowing users to enjoy low maintenance fee. By providing a technology to cook food from both sides, it allows food to be cooked evenly. The power on/off light makes it easy to let users know when it is turned on to make sure to take off the power cord when done cooking to save electricity bills.
  • CUSTOMER-ORIENTED FUNCTIONAL PRODUCT: Zaigle allows users to cook and enjoy their food slowly or quickly according to each user's personality (adjustable height and heat with different pans).
  • EASY TO USE: Zaigle is easy to use and wash. It also has a large fat drip tray that can be taken out from either left or right side of the grill.


  • Achieved Certificate in Technology for Venture Companies (20090100271)
  • Awarded Commissioner's Award / Silver Medal at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition
  • Awarded Gold citation by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (at Korea Invention Exhibition)
  • Selected as a Good Design Selection (selected by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for its productivity and aesthetic)
  • Awarded KIDP President's Award
  • Appeared in "How Much" a popular Korean TV program


POWER: 220V ~. 60Hz
WEIGHT: 8.27LBS (Including main body, three pans, pan supporter & drip tray)
SIZE:   - Circular Pan (Outside diameter: 14.57in, Inside diameter: 14.17in)
            - Rectangular Pan (12.20 x 11.06in)
            - Reversible Pan (Outside diameter: 15.03in, Inside diameter: 11.46in)
MATERIALS:  - Pans (Aluminum - Fluorine Resin Coating)
                       - Tong (Stainless Steel)
LAUNCH DATE: November 2015



1 Yr Warranty  (1-323-780-8808 Ext.114) 

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