About us


Welcome to Mstorebuy.com, where we bring you the most trusted products with the highest quality from all over Asia.  Mstorebuy was established in 2010 in Los Angeles, California, which is a DBA company under one of larger Korean broadcasting company known as, Munhwa Broadcasting Company (“MBC”), which provides news, sports, drama, comedy, and game shows for the worldwide market.

Because of the history of providing good quality content for the worldwide market, Mstorebuy.com carries the same integrity in providing the best products that promote innovative, youthful, and healthy lifestyle.



Our promise to our customer is to introduce and deliver a variety of products that are of the highest quality that are rare and difficult to find outside of Asia. We ensure the highest level of quality for every product we sell offline and online through utilizing several methods that meet our criteria:

  1. Every product tested in the market has been successful with great ratings.
  2. Before any products are tested to our customers, we have our own research team to determine the feasibility and reliability.
  3. Most importantly, we wouldn’t sell products that we wouldn’t use ourselves.



We take pride in building relationships that come from RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and LOYALTY. We work hard, searching high and low to find products that are incomparable to general products that are currently in the market.  It is important for us to get to know you to continuously provide the best products that fit your needs.


Since 2010, Mstorebuy.com has been able to successfully enter into Korea, Japan, US, and Canada. Our goal is to constantly discover new items that provide and promote healthy living and innovative lifestyle, for the worldwide market by 2016… and we are on our way!