Terms and Condition

Article 1 (Purpose)

This agreement is the United States of America, California, MStorebuy.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Mall") provides Internet-related services (collectively, the "services") using MStorebuy.com and the user's rights, obligations and responsibilities is the purpose of the provisions.

Article 2 (Purpose)

  1. "Mall" MStorebuy.com and the goods or services provided (hereinafter referred to as "goods") to provide users access through computer and telecommunications equipment, as well as trading commodities using virtual sales sheet so that user can make, as well as operate the Cyber Mall which can also be used as a carrier.
  2. "User" is defined as "the Mall" by this "Mall" in accordance with the terms of the services provided by the recipient.

Article 3 (Agreement Specification with Descriptions and Revisions)

  1. "Mall" means these terms and conditions, and reciprocal, office location address (place where consumer complaints can be handled), telephone number, FAX number, email address, etc., the user can easily see MSTOREBUY.com's initial post on the service screen (front). All this agreement can be easily accessed on the website page.
  2. "Mall" you accept the terms and conditions prior to use and shall be responsible for the content of cancellation, shipping, refund conditions, and allow the user to understand the important details in a separate connection screen, or a pop-up screen, which user needs to verify.
  3. "Mall" is not a violation of consumer protection laws and other applicable laws may revise these terms and conditions if needed.
  4. "Mall" in these terms and conditions apply if you amend the date and reason for revision with the current terms and the shopping mall of its effective date until 7 days before the date of the previous bulletin.
  5. However, the disadvantage to the user modifies the contents of the agreement at least 30 days notice prior to the grace period to leave. In this case, the "Mall" is a revision of the former and the revised information is clearly displayed and made easier for user to understand.
  6. "Mall" in case amendments need to these Terms and Conditions, as amended, entered into after the effective date of the contract that applies only to contracts already concluded before the amendment before the agreement for the provision remain in effect. However, amendments to the terms and conditions for users already contracted terms and want to amend the terms and conditions of section 3 of the notice within the period.
  7. Send " Mall" terms and conditions of the revised agreement provision that applies.
  8. ? Other pricing and terms and conditions in this agreement with respect to the interpretation of the relevant laws that follow

Article 4 (Provision and Change of Services)

  1. "Mall" is the following.
    1. Provide information about the goods or services and the conclusion of a purchase contract
    2. Delivery of goods and services purchase agreement signed
    3. Other "Shopping Mall" is set by the business
  2. "Mall" is sold out or technical specifications of the goods or services such as a change in the future in the case of an agreement to provide goods or services by the contents can be changed.
  3. In this case, the changes of goods or services specified in the content and delivery date of the current contents of the goods or services need to be immediately known and posted.
  4. "Mall" is to provide services to consumers and the contents of the contract or the technical specifications of the goods that are out of stock, changes and other reasons. User will be notified immediately when changes are made.
  5. In the case of the preceding paragraph, ìmallî will not compensate the damage suffered to the user. However, if the ìMallî has proof that there were no intentions or negligence by the user, this does not apply.

Article 5 (Provision of Services)

  1. "Mall" services may temporarily be interrupted from time to time due to computer or telecommunications equipment maintenance, replacement, and other technical failures.
  2. "Mall" pertaining to paragraph 1, users will be compensated for damages due to interrupted services. However, if the ìMallî will not be at fault if there is proof user was negligent.
  3. business transformation, business integration between business, give up for reasons such as not be able to provide the service if there is a "shopping mall" is the manner specified in article 7 of the notice to the user and subject to the terms and conditions presented in the "Mall" to consumers. Provided, however, "The Mall" compensation standards, unless the users ' mileage or deposits, and the "shopping mall" in the most commonly used currency value equivalent in-kind or cash paid out to the user.

Article 6 (Loss of Membership)

ìMallî has the right to suspend or revoke membership

  1. If you have registered false information when applying
  2. Use the "Mall" purchased goods, and other "Mall" in relation to "User" has to bear the debt if ìUserî does not pay
  3. Use the "Mall" to interfere or steal information, such as threaten  e-commerce order
  4. Use the "Mall" statute or contrary to public order and prohibited by this agreement or otherwise.

Article 7 (Notice)

  1. "Mall" in this notice about "user", "user", "Malls" and uses the specified e-mail address.
  2. "Mall" means an unspecified number in the case of a notice about the "user" for more than a week, "Mall" bulletin published by the individual notification. However, the "user" is a great deal of themselves in relation to matters affecting the individual notice.

Article 8 (Request)

"User" and "Mall" means the following (or similar) on the purchase application and the "Mall" in the users purchase applications, easy-to-understand each of the following information that is provided.

  1. Search and select
  2. Your full name, email address (or mobile phone number), type of
  3. Terms of contents, cancellation of tickets is limited to the cost of service, shipping, installation and related costs
  4. In agreement to these three terms above, indicate confirm or deny (e.g., mouse click)
  5. May apply for the purchase of goods, and in this regard, such as check or ìshopî for confirmation of consent
  6. Select payment method

Article 9 (Contract)

  1. "Mall" Article 8 and the following such purchase, the consent shall not be available. However, if the minor has signed a contract with the consent of a legal guardian or legal representative, the minor may cancel the contract if notice from legal guardian or legal representative gives consent to do so and must be notified before doing so.
    1. If there are false statements, entry omission, or clerical errors
    2. In juvenile protection law such as cigarettes, liquors, etc., prohibited goods and services you buy
    3. Application for approval to purchase from the ìMallî
  2. "Mall" Article 11 Paragraph 1, will check consent form of the User that acknowledgment was reached in the contract
  3. "Mall" has the consent of the userís to check for the purchase and sale of application availability, correct or cancel the purchase of application, and must contain information.

Article 10 (Method of Payment)

"Mall" in the purchase of goods or services, the following methods of payment are available. However, the "Mall" will not collect additional fees for methods of payments.

  1. Payment by credit card
  2. Payment by ìMileageî
  3. Other payments accepted by the ìMallî

Article 11 (Notification Receipt, Purchase Application, Change and Cancel)

  1. "Mall" applies in the case of the purchase receipt notification to the user
  2. acknowledged intention of the user is notified when there is a mismatch, such as an acknowledgment immediately after receiving notice of change or cancellation to request a Purchase Application and ìShopî at the request of the user prior to shipment without delay, if the request shall be processed in accordance with. However, if you have already paid for cancellation, refer to Article 14 concerning regulations.

Article 12 (Supply of Goods)

  1. ìMallî should the supply of goods, etc., and delivery time, the user should give 7 days from the date of order to allow customization, packaging and other necessary measures.
  2. "Mall" must clarify the means of shipping methods, about shipping costs and delivery period. If the "Mall" is found responsible for damages caused by excess shipping period, the ìmallî will compensate for damages, if the ìMallî is not proven negligent, this case does not apply.

Article 13 (Refund)

"Mall" cannot refund certain goods or services, which are notified prior to purchase. All other goods and services have 7 days from date of receiving goods or services to ask for refund.

Article 14 (Cancellation)

  1. "Mall" and with the purchase of goods, such as a contract to an acknowledgment of the user is notified within 7 days from the date of the subscription, you can withdraw.
  2. If the user is following the receipt of the delivery of goods, and shall correspond to the first case, user cannot return or exchange.
    1. User is responsible for lost or damaged goods (however, in order to verify the contents of the goods, including packaging, user will not be at fault and can withdraw)
    2. Users use or consumption of the goods
    3. With the passage of time, resale will be difficult and significantly decreases value of goods
    4. If the goods have same performance, and replication but packaging is undermined
  3. No. 2 to paragraph 2 of Article 4, in case of ìMallî cancellation in advance, such as the fact that the User is limited to where it can be easy to see or try out specified measurements for products and does not provide a base for cancellation for the User.
  4. the user referred to in paragraph (1) and (2) may cancel or return goods within 7 days of delivery if goods are different from that of the advertisements.

Article 15 (Cancellation, etc)

  1. "Mall" has received goods from users within 7 business days; refunds for price of goods will be given.
  2. "Mall" in the refund payments on a credit card or PAYPAL, payment of goods once payment shall without delay provide carriers with goods and ask them to stop or cancel the payment.
  3. in the case of cancellation of supply, such as return of received goods, including cost of userís expense, the ìMallî will reimbursement costs if goods are not the displayed goods on advertisement.
  4. When users receive the goods, in order to prevent confusion, the ìMallî will indicate who will be responsible for the fees.

Article 16 (Privacy)

  1. "Mall" collects userís information and purchase agreement. Following are mandatory.
    1. Full name
    2. Address
    3. E-mail address
    4. Password
  2. "Mall" collects personal information and users ' personally identifiable information, as well as, ask confirmation from the user's.
  3. Relevant personal information provided by users and for other purposes without the consent of third parties will not be permitted, the ìMallî will be responsible for all such. However, if the exception is the following:
    1. for delivery purpose the minimum required on a user's information (name, address, and telephone number)
    2. Statistics, academic research or market research is necessary to identify a particular individual as if you provide on the form
    3. The trading of goods, etc. If you need to collect a settlement
    4. If necessary, in order to prevent identification theft
    5. Required by the provisions of the law, or the law if there are unavoidable reasons
  4. "Mall" is Paragraph 2 issues in section 3 in the case of a user's consent to be cleared by the privacy officer's identity (name and phone number, or any other affiliation, contact), the purpose of usage and collection of information, and provides relevant information about the third party notice (provided by parties, provide the purpose and content of information provided)), including, but not limited to, you must either set out ahead of time, and the user can move at any time to withdraw.
  5. User at any time, the ìMallî has for their personal information may require reading and error correction, and the ìMallî is has obligation to take action without delay when necessary. The User is asked for the correction of an error, the ìMallî will not use the personal information until User corrects it.
  6. îMallî, for the protection of the personal information that the administrator to limit the number of credit cards, such as minimizing the userís personal information, including lost, stolen, leaked, modulation, and against all damages caused by the userís own risk.
  7. "Mall" or provided personal information from third parties, for the purpose of collection of personal information or when User has achieved the purpose provided personal information without delay.

Article 17 (Obligation of the "Mall")

  1. "Mall" is a statute and prohibited by this agreement or do not pose a risk to continue in accordance with this agreement, and to provide reliable goods and services and must be devoted to it.
  2. "Mall" means the user can use the service safely to the Internet user's personal information (including credit information) must have a security system for protection.
  3. "Mall" will be responsible for any inappropriate advertising of goods or services.
  4. "Mall" will not send user-profit emails for advertising purposes.

Article 18 (The User's Email Address and a Password)

  1. email address and password management responsibilities on the Member.
  2. the user should not use his or her e-mail address and password for third parties
  3. e-mail address and password stolen or used by a third party, and that in one case just "Mall" to inform "Mall" and must follow guidance.

Article 19 (Obligation of Users)

A user is prohibited doing the followings.

  1. Registration by false statements at the time of application or modification
  2. Others ' information
  3. Change the information posted on the "Mall"
  4. "Mall", except the information (computer programs, etc.), and send or post
  5. "Mall" a third party infringes the copyright, intellectual property rights
  6. "Mall" other third party interferes with work
  7. Obscene or violent messages, video, voice, guitar, and contrary to public order and standards of information disclosure or publication

Article 20 (Connecting to the ìMall" and the relationship between the linked "Mall")

  1. Hyperlinks on the ìMallî website (hyperlinks include texts, pictures, and videos) which are all connected to the ìMallî website.

Article 21 (Belongings of copyright and its limit of usage)

  1. "Mall" the copyright for works and other intellectual property rights belong to the "Mall".
  2. the user information obtained by using the "Mall", "Mall" has been attributed to the intellectual property rights to this information without the prior consent of the "Mall", reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcast or used for commercial purposes to any third party shall not be used.
  3. "Mall" in accordance with the agreement to use copyright belongings, users must notify.

Article 22 (Settlements of Dispute)

  1. "Mall" is raised by users reflect of opinions that dealt with compensation for damage and loss of installation and operation.
  2. "Mall" reviews all complaints submitted by users and feedbacks are appropriately given. However, prompt treatment Is difficult if user does not notify immediately.

Article 23 (Jurisdiction and Legal Conformity)

  1. "Mall" and relates to a dispute between users of e-commerce lawsuit filed in any Court of competent jurisdiction on the Code of Civil Procedure.
  2. "Mall" and the users of the e-commerce lawsuits filed across the United States of America have to apply to the law.