[EVENT] EVERJOY KN-102 Infrared Wood Dry Heated Sauna for Home (에버조이 건식 반신욕기 KN-102)

Title: EVERJOY KN-102 Infrared Wood Dry Heated Sauna for Home
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Everjoy, Home Resting Space!


  • "No.1 KOREA Health Care Brand" Launched in the US
  • Hard work today? Give enough rest for yourself,
  • A valuable day completed with a small rest,
  • A sense of relief from a cozy space only for me,
  • Everjoy make the dreams of all home lovers, own home spa and sauna,
  • Everjoy always studies how people relaxing, detoxifying and increasing blood circulation,
  • The moment we need a break at home, try Everjoy!

Everjoy Accumulated Sales

100,000 pcs all over the world


  • 6,400 customer reviews
  • Star rating 4.7 out of 5.0
  • 500,000 PLI

What is 'Infrared Wood Dry Heated Sauna for Home?'

Routine healthcare is important. Boost your blood circulation.


  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relax your body
  • Detox unhealthy substances
  • All in 1 hour!

Everjoy "Gifts"

Complimentary items for everyone purchasing Everjoy Infrared Wood Dry Heat Sauna to maximize effectiveness.


  • Fabric Body Cover
  • Dried Mugwort & Pouch

Snapshot of 'Everjoy'

No need for water as it's a dry products. It helps you to relieve stress and relax your body.


  • Healthy Heating Method
  • Easy to Move & Store
  • Durable Solid Wood
  • Simple & Easy Operation
  • Certified Safety

Proven Stability

Triple Safe Protection!


  • Auto power off : After the set time has passed, the power is automatically cut off.
  • Automatic electricity cutoff : When over current flows, electricity is automatically cut off.
  • High voltage cut-off fuse : When high voltage flows, the fuse automatically shuts off.

Certificate of Quality

Everjoy is a product that has passed "various product performance" tests.


  • Certificated PLI
  • Certificated Far Infrared Discharge
  • Certificated Quality and Identification Wood
  • Certificated KC (Korea Certification)
  • Certificated ETL
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Level Test
  • Formaldehyde Level Test
  • Ceramic Ball Radiation Test

Infrared Wood Dry Heat Sauna for Recovering Fatigue

Excluding bedtime, our body support our weight for an average of 16 hours a day.


  • One hour every day, rest time for my body
  • Easily relieve body fatigue with a Everjoy Infrared Sauna
  • Sit comfortably and relax

The Most Perfect Way to Relax, Everjoy Dry Heated Foot Bath

Why is solid wood important for heating equipment?


  • When the heater is not turned on, a cold energy is emitted, and when the power is turned on, a hot energy is repeated.
  • If the wood contracts and expands frequently at such a temperature, warping or cracking may occur depending on the wood.
  • Therefore, Everjoy solid wood that has passed the test can be used semi-permanently.

Collaboration Between Wood Experts and Thermal Specialists


  • Two experts meet to present high quality product
  • Infrared Wood Dry Heat Sauna proven by numerous reviews
  • Experience a different level of usability and warmth
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