[Doctorcos] Premium Snow White Water Glow Mask (KOCOWA)

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Product Information

[Doctorcos] Premium Snow White Water Glow Mask (110ml/3.71 fl oz)

UPGRADED WATER GLOW MASK Focused at Whitening and Antiwrinkle with Watery Mask Pack!

Upgraded Ingredients! Washless Sleeping Mask! No need to wear mask sheet any longer.
All you need to do is just apply it and sleep while the sheet free glow mask continuously moisturizing and nourishing deep into your skin.
Before going to bed, in the very dry plane, in the car heater turned on, in the sauna, when you travel, in the dry indoor environment, during exercise, during sports activities snow white water glow mask is recommended. After 4 weeks, you will see the big difference!

9 in 1! 9 kinds Ultimate functions in one
Moisture Cream / Nourishing Cream / Elastic Cream / Whitening Cream / Anti-Wrinkle Cream / Mask Sheet / Skin Pore Serum / Sleeping Mask / Eye Cream

Clinical Tests proved following 7 major functions in Korea
- Moisturizing lasting 120 hours
- Improved dermal density
- Improved skin elasticity
- Improvement of wrinkles around the eyes
- Improvement of skin pores
- Decreased skin temperature
- Skin non-irritation test

How To Use

Apply to Face and Neck a thickness of 1-2mm (please do not rub).
After 15-20 minutes, you will feel moisturized glowing skin (no need to wash it off).
Depends on the skin type you can apply thicker than normal cream.
When you use as a sleeping mask, apply the mask 2-3mm and let your skin absorb the mask.
Tip : before putting on your make-up, apply small amount of this cream to increase moisturization to your beautiful make-up. You can even apply the cream after your make-up to make your face glow through extra moisturization.

Expiration Date : 01.02.2027

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