[ID PLA] ID AZ Face Fit Plaster Mask (KOCOWA)

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Product Information

ID AZ Face Fit Plaster Mask

We know that plaster packs are good, but is it cumbersome to measure and prepare them every time?
Now, meet ID plaster mask pack, a convenient plaster pack that can be used right away when you want.

This product is sold in famous Korean drugstore Olive Young and duty-free shops.
This is a popular product with over 12 million copies sold in Korea!
With plaster packs, you can easily experience various effects at home, including swelling improvement, lifting, pore tightening, cooling and moisturizing.

How To Use
1. After washing your face, clean your skin with toner and attach it to your face from the top of the sheet.
Remove only one side of the transparent film from the film attached to both sides of the plaster pack.
2. Attach the plaster pack to your face. (The white film acts as a support)
Remove the white film on the other side.
※ If you remove all of the film attached to both sides of the plaster pack and then attach it to your face, the sheet will become saggy and difficult to attach neatly.
3. Attach the bottom of the sheet (attach the top sheet to overlap the bottom sheet).
4. Wait until the mask is dry (about 20-30 minutes, depends conditions)
5. After drying completely, grab both sides of the overlapping area and gently remove it.
Remove the sheet, wash lightly with lukewarm water, and take care of the skin with skin moisturizer.

For Dry and sensitive skin types
In dry seasons or if you have sensitive skin, apply the ampoule cream you normally use and then can use the plaster pack without burdening your skin.
For in the hot and humid summer season
If you use it for 5 to 7 minutes longer than before, you can manage the plaster pack with much more tightening and pressure.

Please check the following for safe use of the product.
- It is recommended to use plaster packs once a week, not once a day.
- Due to the characteristics of plaster masks, such as strong adhesion and tightening, those with very sensitive skin are advised to be careful and use cream, etc. (before applying the mask.)
- Once the sheet is completely dry, you can immediately feel a strong lifting and tightening effect, but there may be some individual differences depending on the time of use. It may be irritating to those with sensitive skin, so please adjust the drying time depending on the skin condition.

Expiration Date : 08.28.2025

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