Color: 21 ( LIGHT SKIN/ 화사한 피부)
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MIBA Big Cushion Set Season2 


No. 21 (For Bright Skin)
No. 23 (For Natural Skin / Calm and natural skin)

composition :
Big Cushion (25g(0.88 oz)) x 2
Big Cushion Refill (25g(0.88 oz))x 2
Cushion Puff x 2
BB Cream (50ml(1.69 fl oz))

Because it’s a big cushion! With just a few taps, you can create the makeup of a lifetime and have an impregnable defense!

1. 9cm large mirror
My face can be seen at a glance without the need for a dressing table or hand mirror.

2. King Petal Wedge Puff
Just a few taps and your makeup is done! Delicate skin expression from the bridge of the nose to the eye area

3. Mochi sponge
Patented mochi cushion prevents moisture evaporation, ensuring high stability and quality without deterioration.

4. Makeup lasts for 44 hours
The ultimate cover durability with human application testing completed

5. Contains plant-derived ingredients
Contains pearl extract, damask rose flower water, and propolis extract for mild treatment.

6. Complete smooth, radiant skin
Contains minerals and pink plankton, creates natural glowing skin

#Oh Yeonsoo Cushion #Life Cushion #Anti-Aging Cushion #Mineral King Cushion


미바 왕쿠션 세트 (시즌2)

21호 ( For Bright Skin / 밝고 화사한 피부)
23호 ( For Natural Skin / 차분하고 자연스러운 피부)

구성 :
Big Cushion (25g(0.88 oz)) x 2
Big Cushion Refill (25g(0.88 oz))x 2
Cushion Puff x 2
BB Cream (50ml(1.69 fl oz))

왕쿠션이니까! 몇번만 두드려도 인생 메이크업 연출 & 철벽 방어 끝!

1. 9cm 왕거울
화장대, 손거울 따로 필요없이 내 얼굴이 전부 한눈에 쏘옥

2. 왕꽃잎 웻지 퍼프
몇번만 두드리면 메이크업 끝! 콧망울, 눈가까지 섬세한 피부표현

3. 모찌 스펀지
특허 모찌쿠션으로 수분증발을 막아 품질이 변질되지 않고 높은 안정성

4. 44시간 메이크업 지속
인체적용테스트 완료된 커버 지속력 끝판왕

5. 식물 유래 성분 함유
진주추출물, 다마스크장미꽃수 함유, 프로폴리스 추출물 함유로 순하게

6. 매끈한 광채 피부 완성
미네랄과 핑크플랑크톤 함유, 자연스러운 광채 피부 연출

#오연수쿠션 #인생쿠션 #항노화쿠션 #미네랄왕쿠션

Expiration Date (유효기간)
#21 : 02/2026
#23 : 04/2026

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