[PLU] Body Scrub Intensive Slim Fit (KOCOWA)

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Product Information

PLU Body Scrub Intensive Slim Fit Body Scrub 180g (6.34 oz)

Point 1. 2 types of plant-derived scrubs (double scrub formula)
Healthy exfoliation is possible with two plant-derived scrub ingredients: walnut shell powder from California and grape seed powder from France.

Point 2. Body lifting, firming with collagen! Lifting improvement effect
It contains collagen and helps temporarily improve cellulite and strengthen elasticity in areas of use such as arm fat, belly fat, and thighs after 4 weeks of use.

Point 3. 9 types of plant-derived oils
Contains plant-derived oils from around the world to provide a temporary body glow effect and moisturize without the heaviness and stickiness of oils.

Point 4. Enhanced glow-boosting ingredients!
It contains a complex of 4 types of vitamins, which are brightening skin care ingredients, and provides nutrition to help maintain a radiant skin glow.

Point 5. Body moisturizing, 9 types of water lock system
Contains 8 types of hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan to help keep skin moist after exfoliation.

How To Use
After wetting the area to be used, apply an appropriate amount of Flu Body Scrub to the body.
If you rub lightly as if massaging, it creates foam and helps manage skin texture.
After rubbing, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
When used with a shower ball, it creates a rich foam, making it ideal for use instead of shower gel.
Please adjust the amount and frequency of use depending on your skin condition.
Recommended use 1-2 times a week.

Expiration Date : 2025/03/08

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