[EVENT] Goodfriend Full body Smart Stretching Air Massage Mat (굿프렌드 전신형 스트레칭 마사지 매트+ 온열기능)

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Good Friend Full body All-in-one Smart Stretching Massage Mat


  • The biggest advantage of this product is that it can replace the effect of a massage chair at a reasonable price. 
  • Stretching the whole body, not stretching by part.


Good Friend Smart Stretching Massage Mat will relieve your body fatigue and pain, and relax your whole body.

  • The body massager can be used floor, sofa, bed, or recliner.
  • The body massager is lightweight, portable, and foldable.
  • The full-body massage pad is very easy to use operation by a remote controller, it will be a good holiday gift choice for our mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and so on.


Pressure Massage

  • Stretching Massage Mat massages your neck, back, and waist by pressure massage, squeezing your neck, massaging your neck and waist, and stretching your waist and back.

How do we solve stiff muscles?

It’s Stretching!

  • Stretching straightens the body to soften the muscles and helps maintain overall body balance.
  • The Smart Stretching Massage Mat introduces functions that are based on actual stretching movements, stretching the whole body more easily and releasing the muscles.


  • The neck air pressure air cell relieves neck tension and helps stretch and massage.
  • The neck air cells swell in order, acupressure the neck, then move to both sides to stretch the neck, helping you relieve your neck pain and fatigue.


  • 3D Aircell massage and twist stretching on the shoulder and back area release the muscles of the whole body even if you lie down.


  • The body massager pushes up and massages your back with pressure, which helps you relieve back pain and fatigue. There are 3 levels of intensity, low, medium, and high.




  • Waist stretching massage and pelvic area 3D Aircell massage to make it cooler!
  • Slowly swell the air cells on both sides of the pelvis, gently wrapping and massaging the pelvis.

When you finish stretching, relax in massage mode!

  • Lie down to the back and waist, which are hard to massage alone from the stiff neck.
  • When you finish stretching, use massage mode to relieve the fatigue of the day.

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