New Sweden Victoria Egg Pack White Facial Care Set


New Sweden Victoria Egg Pack White Facial C

뉴 스웨덴 빅토리아 에그팩 화이트 페이셜 케어 세트


  • 뉴스웨덴 에그팩 (50g*6개)*4박스 + 1개
  • 뉴스웨덴 에그팩 (15g)*8개
  • 케이스 2종 [에그팩 1, 에그팩미니 1]

For dry, all skin types

-Moist and smooth skin complete~ Moisture management + Pore management+ Sebum + Elasticity + Blackheads

Point 1. Blackhead sebum management

Point 2. Keratin management

Point 3. Skin elasticity

Point 4. Skin Transparency

Point 5. Pore management (pore / management / waste)

Point 6. Foundation lasts for 12 hours


How to use

When used as a pack

-Take an appropriate amount of foam and apply evenly to the entire face and neck except for the eyes and lips. After 3 minutes, wipe off with lukewarm water and pat with cold water to finish.

When used as a cleanser

-Massage the face and neck with lather, then rinse with clean water.

Use it with the whole family.
-Everyone is OK!

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